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Our goal is to bring together startups, investors, and innovators to learn about cutting-edge innovations and foster dynamic conversation addressing how technology is transforming Europe.

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Startup Accelerators Madrid

  • Acciona I`mnovation –  I`mnovation   Startups is the ACCIONA program, an initiative aimed at detecting entrepreneurs who are developing technologies or methodologies that will mark a before and after in the infrastructure, renewable energy, and services sector. The program has an annual call and offers startups operational, technical, and business support through the advice of mentors, experts, and professionals of the company. Madrid
  • Airbus Bizlab  – This accelerator that was born last year thanks to the launch of Pedro Luzón, which focuses on promoting and developing entrepreneurial projects and technology-based intrapreneurship. The acceleration program has a duration of six months and is divided into 3 phases. The accelerator has space for startups, as well as support from dedicated coaches and mentors, weekly learning sessions, access to an area to create prototypes, a Demo Day with people belonging to the corporate, partners, and Venture Capital and also € 50,000 to implement a Proof of Concept. So far, it has allocated more than four million euros raised by startups and has a portfolio of fifty startups and forty internal projects. Madrid
  • Anima Ventures  – a Company Builder, created in 2015 in Madrid that is under the responsibility of Alejandro de León. The startups, accelerated by Anima, have so far captured up to 1.5 million euros. The objective of this project is focused on supporting and promoting social enterprises that seek to have a positive social impact. For each project that Anima supports, a different program is developed according to the needs of each case. Still, always with the ultimate goal of converting these projects into profitable companies in which, also, in their launch phase, they become partners of Anima Ventures, who accompanies them throughout the process. Madrid
  • Aon Innovation Lab – the open innovation program of Aon, from which an ecosystem agent can participate in the different challenges of the company. Through this program, the connection between the external and internal talent of the organization is promoted, so the program has a total duration of approximately six months. It offers training and mentoring by Aon experts in areas of commercial risk, retirement, and health, support in project management, and the possibility of expanding the business relationship with the corporation. Aon has three accelerated companies, Ecertic, Coinscrap, and Madrid
  • Barlab Mahou San Miguel – the accelerator of Mahou San Miguel that has a 6-month acceleration program designed for startups that develop their activity in an entrepreneurial environment and with a focus on technologies applied to the consumer experience in the bar and the sector of The hospitality in Spain. The selected projects receive 35,000 euros of funding for lost funds and have coworking space at the company’s headquarters in Madrid. Among the startups that Barlab has accelerated are B24 IoT, Smartech, Suplain, Up Devices, Worktoday, and Heyplease. Madrid
  • BBVA – The program of this entity, created this year, is called BBVA Open Innovation and focuses on collaborating with projects in the fintech sector. This initiative is aimed at startups with a new age profile that has a functioning MVP or a product in the market with a small number of users. It is a free program that lasts nine months based on three fundamental pillars: technology, marketing, and business. Besides, the program offers the possibility of participating in its coworking space (Open Space) in Madrid for a select group of startups and the possibility of holding events. Madrid
  • Bridge of Billions – This Madrid firm, created in 2015, aims to democratize access to growth opportunities for entrepreneurs around the world. This, through The Leap, an own incubation program with monthly calls aimed at validating, developing, and structuring companies in early stages. Also, the entity works with all different organizations around the world through entrepreneurship and innovation programs open to solve current challenges, establishing contact with startups and innovators. The incubation program has a duration of 3 months through its digital platform has accelerated startups such as Agro Mindset, Bizipoz, Qube, Zero Waste Academy, or Arex. Madrid
  • Byld – a Corporate Venture Builder, founded in 2018 by Adrián Heredia, which focuses on the creation of startups with the collaboration of large corporations. This business vehicle focuses on startups that develop solutions to larger companies. The trajectory that the companies that become part of Byld’s portfolio follow have to go through three areas: Byld Insights which identify trends and opportunities; Byld Labs, phase of the creation of minimum viable products (MPVs); and the Byld Startups, in which they convert the MVP’S into scalable startups. Madrid
  • CBRE Proptech Challenge – a project that is developed in the Old Continent, and that focuses on Real Estate. Likewise, CBRE Proptech Challenge seeks to support and incorporate digital talent in the real estate sector. The initiative emerged as an annual event and rewards solutions designed with added value to all participants in the real estate sector and society. The winners enter an acceleration program with CBRE professionals, with talks, events, and conferences on innovation applied to the real estate sector. Madrid
  • Ceu Emprende – This is a cross-cutting initiative that focuses on the employability of students through the acquisition of skills and competencies linked to entrepreneurship, with entrepreneurial projects of current and former students through specific training, counseling, and resources programs. For six months, entrepreneurs access a training program, and in parallel, they work their projects with a team of mentors who establish a work plan that helps the entrepreneur to grow their business. Among the accelerated startups are Kiui, Yovinet, MedicSen, or Rentalo, among others. Madrid
  • Chemo Start – an acceleration program that belongs to the pharmaceutical group Insud Pharma. The program is open to any project related to health, including the development of new drugs, precision medicine, artificial intelligence, diagnosis, wearables, and any other technology that has application in this sector. Both early-stage projects and active projects that need to be promoted can participate. The selected projects receive personalized support, mentoring and coaching, coworking spaces, and financial aid with a program designed according to the needs of each startup and development phase for 4-6 months. Madrid
  • CNP Partners – CNP Start is the entrepreneur support program promoted by CNP Partners, an entity focused on the insurtech and fintech sector, to help, protect and advise on the implementation of innovative projects and the development of their business idea. This program allows selected projects access to 10,000 euros, as well as technological resources and different mentoring sessions together with the collaboration of the firm’s professionals. CNP, founded in 2018, has accelerated the Visualeo and MiCappital companies. Madrid
  • Conector – a five-month program, where mentors play a crucial role, they support seed-phase projects to increase and become successful, proven, and investible initiatives. Connector selects an average of 7 projects for each program. The selected startups receive more than € 400,000 in services from their collaborators, support in legal services, courses and training sessions by mentors, and the possibility of presenting their project to private investors and venture capital companies at the end of the program at DemoDay. Also, Conector carries out vertical and corporate programs, with corporates such as Bankia, SEAT, Porsche, and ABANCA. Conector has a presence in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, and Galicia and has at least two annual calls in each city.
  • Correos Lab – an initiative launched by the Correos company in 2017 in Madrid. This is a program focused mainly on logistics companies that, in its first two editions has rewarded ten startups with up to 30,000 euros to work for a year on their project. In this sense, among the startups accelerated by Correos Labs are Homy Hub, Dsgñ Cloud, GOI travel, Del Super, or Tripacto. Madrid
  • Cuatrecasas Acelera– We are looking for innovative startups that have at least one functional, viable, and quality product, add value to the legaltech sector, and respond to the transformation challenges set by Cuatrecasas. Madrid, Spain
  • Demium Startup – Our program is intense but can be genuinely life-changing. First up is our selection process, consisting of a series of interviews and, for those that make it, though, attendance at our AllStartUp Weekend. Then, for those that then join our incubation program, we suddenly find you a committed co-founder, and we’ll help turn your excellent idea into a fully-fledged company. Once that day arrives, you’ll officially become Demium Alumni, with continued access to our brilliant network of experts, partners, and investors. Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Malaga, London, Minsk, Lisbon, Kyiv, Warsaw, Budapest, and Athens.
  • Disruptive Program Sanitas – a program that seeks to enhance the talent of entrepreneurs and innovative startups who want to transform the world of health. Among the categories that this accelerator has are prevention, liquid hospital, artificial intelligence, blockchain, data and analytics, and robotics. The health firm invests in this initiative, about 25,000 euros. Madrid
  • Drive Vision – Impulsa Visión is an RTVE initiative that seeks to support entrepreneurship and promote innovative projects for freelancers and SMEs that contribute to the development of the media sector. The initiative offers up to € 30,000 per project, coworking spaces at the Institute, coaching provided by RTVE professionals, networking for the expansion of contact networks with selected startups; In addition to national and international promotion through the different means of RTVE, verification, and certification of the prototypes developed in each project, and the possibility of participation in future projects jointly with RTVE. Madrid
  • Eatable Adventures – an accelerator that was created in Madrid in 2015 and specialized in the food sector. The accelerator has an annual call, and since its birth, it has promoted five companies through the program. Eatable’s objective is focused on a vision, experience, methodology, and connection with the food industry and thus boost startups through substantial growth. The accelerator program covers six months and allows access to first level tools and methodology. Madrid
  • EDP ​​Starter Acceleration Program – an accelerator focused on startups that develop new technologies in the area of ​​strategic innovation, that is, clean energy, data, user-focused solutions, and energy storage. Also, this program has advisory services for startups, challenges, and activities created for its development. In addition to Madrid, EDP is located in Lisbon, Sao Paulo, and Houston. The program, founded in 2012, has accelerated a portfolio of companies including Btime, Carto, Cubi, DataSonar, and Delfos, among others. Madrid
  • Enagás Emprende – a Venture Builder to promote startups that develop energy projects, mainly those that belong to the areas related to renewable gases (biogas and hydrogen, sustainable mobility, energy efficiency, industry 4.0, and cleantech). Also, This initiatory has launched a program designed for each startup with an investment adapted to the different phases that emerging companies go through, from equity investment to a loan and industrial pilot or the mentoring and acceleration processes. The initiative has accelerated eight companies that have captured about 8.4 million euros. Madrid
  • Ferrovial Build Up – The initiative of the railway company is called Build Up! And its objective is focused on “strengthening innovation and finding high potential business solutions,” they explain from the entity. The Ferrovial program for startups has four, or six months of days where a “commissioning” of solutions and tools is launched, which will have the opportunity to test your project in one of Ferrovial’s infrastructures. Build Up, which belongs to the Open Innovation sector, was founded in Madrid in 2017 and, so far, has a single annual call. Madrid
  • Fondo Emprendedores – Through our startup accelerator program, we are promoting innovative projects aimed at the energy industries, mobility, and the circular economy, contributing to a more sustainable energy transition. Madrid, Spain
  • Gran Vía Open Future – Gran Vía Open Future is the crowd working space and acceleration program that offers selected projects, for six months, renewable to twelve, accommodation for the promoter team during the incubation process, personalized and individual work plan, professional support services for part of the collaborating companies, support for the search for financing and networking. Also, access to the Telefónica ecosystem and offers of partners valued at € 100,000, together with the possibility of working a few days in any of the countries with the presence of Telefónica. Madrid
  • Hangar 51 – Formed in January 2011, International Airlines Group (IAG) is the parent company of Aer Lingus, British Airways, Iberia, LEVEL, Vueling, IAG Cargo, and Avios. Building on a strong history of innovation, we launched Hangar 51 to allow start-ups and scale-ups to develop their business by accessing our airlines’ resources, expertise, and venture capital. Through Hangar 51, you have the chance to trial your products and innovations with real customers, work with senior leaders in the travel industry and create a partnership with one of the world’s largest airline groups. Barcelona/Madrid
  • Hotusa Ventures – HOTUSA VENTURES ORGANIZA PERIÓDICAMENTE EVENTOS Y ENCUENTROS VINCULADOS A ESTABLECER DIÁLOGOS ENTRE EL MUNDO CORPORATIVO Y EL UNIVERSO DE LAS STARTUPS. Con una periodicidad semestral te ofrecemos la posibilidad de participar en nuestro Hotusa Challenge, un evento en formato competición que permite a jóvenes emprendedores ponerse a prueba mediante un reto vinculado al mundo del turismo, las nuevas tendencias, la tecnología y la innovación. Madrid, Spain
  • Intellectium – Te ayudamos a financiar tu startup tecnológica con capital privado y préstamos y subvenciones públicas. Madrid, Spain
  • Mapfre Insur Space – Insur Space is the accelerator to drive innovation in the insurance sector. It aims to promote collaboration between the entrepreneurial ecosystem, institutions linked to innovation and MAPFRE. The challenge is to serve as a bridge of connection between the corporation and the business ecosystem for what has three pillars: the acceleration program, aimed at startups with an initial phase solution that encourages the creation of prototypes; the adoption program, designed at consolidated global startups willing to conduct a commercial pilot with MAPFRE’s business lines; and the Insur Break community, a space for knowledge sharing. Madrid
  • MasVentures – MASventures is the startup accelerator of MASMOVIL, which acts as an innovation engine for the group to strengthen the commercial and investment relationship with telco companies and new technologies. The program has an established term of 4 months and adapts to the real needs of each project, and offers mentoring with management experts, implementation of a pilot in real test environments, the possibility of investment by the group and Inveready, opportunity to present the results in a final Demo Day of the program to maximize the visibility of the project and the search for co-investment with other partners if necessary. Madrid
  • Perseo Iberdrola – It is the investment vehicle of the Iberdrola energy company. The head of this program, Diego Díaz Pilas (Coruña, 1980), has launched this vehicle to channel innovation to Iberdrola. Perseo’s investments are several: Qbotix, a robotics company for photovoltaic panels that was acquired by SolarCity, now part of Tesla. The last to join the portfolio is Innowatts, in 2017. With offices in San Francisco, Houston, and India where they have the most extensive user base. They have a vast network of smart meters, more than 15 million, mostly in India. Siddhartha Sachdeva (Delhi, 1975), founder and CEO of the startup, is committed to efficient systems as a plan. Madrid
  • Plug and Play Spain – an open innovation platform that is part of the more than 21 cities where the Plug and Play Tech Center is located. Its mission is to connect the most innovative technology that is born in startups with large global corporations through its more than 11 vertical acceleration programs that it has around the world.
  • Ports 4.0.  The TradeTech Ports 4.0 fund was created to attract, support, and facilitating the application of talent and entrepreneurship to the port-logistics sector. It provides specialized equipment, grants, and the necessary infrastructure to accelerate projects with innovative products, services or processes, and that are focused on any of the following aspects: efficiency, sustainability, security, digitalization, and any other innovative process or product with an impact on the logistics-port sector. The acceleration program is scheduled to last eight months, although they have the possibility of accelerating projects in less time or, on the contrary, need more. For those proposals that opt ​​for the “Idea Program,” they will receive an endowment of 15,000 euros, and for those that are submitted to the “Project Program,” they can opt for a grant of up to 2 million euros per project. Madrid
  • Repsol Foundation – The Entrepreneurs Fund is the acceleration program for startups of Fundación Repsol that supports innovative projects that promote a more sustainable energy transition, betting on the talent of entrepreneurial teams capable of imagining a better future. Being a global initiative, entrepreneurs from anywhere in the world can participate, since it is not necessary to move to any workspace continuously. Select between 6 and 8 companies, which receive financial support of up to 144,000 euros per year, specialized training, and advice from a team of mentors. Madrid
  • Rising Up in Spain – a program for foreign startups and entrepreneurs with scalable and innovative projects. Barcelona/Madrid
  • Sacyr iChallenge – Sacyr iChallenges is the company’s open innovation and co-creation program aimed at solving business challenges posed by Sacyr. The program is focused on achieving a high quality of life for citizens, based on better infrastructure and better urban services. Sacyr offers agents benefits such as collaborating in solving challenges with one of the leading corporations in the infrastructure sector. The startups will have access to the commercial and contact network of Sacyr, will be able to establish strategic relationships with the company, and will have a validation of the business model, as well as its acceleration, scaling, and growth. Madrid
  • Santa Lucia Drives –  Santalucía IMPULSA is a program aimed at innovative projects and startups with less than five years of the constitution and a minimum viable product. The program offers a unique acceleration process and the opportunity to seek collaborations and synergies with Santalucía Seguros proactively. It lasts four months, where specialized mentors in the launching of new projects, such as those responsible for Santalucía Seguros, support the entrepreneur to improve the competitiveness of their company, through specialized training and specific meetings. Madrid
  • Sanitas Disruptive – Sanitas Disruptive is the accelerator of Sanitas, which has a program that seeks to enhance the talent of entrepreneurs and startups in the health sector. The initiative works with selected startups in the development of their projects through the ‘Agile’ methodology. In his second, he has decided to accelerate projects that add value in the areas of prevention, liquid hospital, artificial intelligence, blockchain, data & Analytics, and robotics, which, for three months will have an investment of 25k, a workspace and The company’s support for acceleration. Madrid
  • Scientific Park of Madrid UC3M – The UC3M incubator is a mixed model of acceleration and incubation of companies with the provision of individualized counseling services and a relationship environment. In the initiative, companies find resources and access to the market, capital, technology, infrastructure, and border research and highly qualified human resources. All this through a shared effort with the promoter team, towards the growth and consolidation of their companies. It has a strong institutional commitment from UC3M and a valuable network of contacts. Madrid
  • Seed Rocket – SeedRocket es una innovadora iniciativa privada para emprendedores con proyectos de base tecnológica. Proporcionamos formación, financiación y una red de contactos para potenciar el desarrollo de sus startups, así como un espacio común de trabajo en la aceleradora de startups de Barcelona y en Madrid. SeedRocket provides training, financing and advice to promote the development of startups, as well as a common work space in the Barcelona Activa space and on the Madrid Campus. The accelerator does not take equity from startups.
  • SEK Lab EdTech Accelerator – the first EdTech Accelerator for Startups that innovate in education based in Spain with a global focus. Part of SEK Educational Group. Madrid, Spain
  • Sonar Ventures (Madrid) – Sonar Ventures is an initiative that creates startups and looks for professionals who want to undertake with them. The idea can come from both your part and that of the entrepreneur because the important thing is the purpose and the problem to solve that is behind the concept itself. In this model, Sonar Ventures provides the necessary resources (technological, operational, and financial), as well as a network of contacts throughout the life of the company. Its mission is to change the world through innovation and technology.
  • Startup Alcobendas – StartUp Alcobendas facilitates the evolution of innovative startups in a business and economic environment of the first level. The acceleration of these projects is carried out in annual calls and is carried out from an initial phase to a consolidation phase. During the process, the maturation and the business model is developed, for which it has the support of investors, representatives of the business network, and experts in business development that complement the training and individual mentoring. Madrid
  • Startup University – Startups University is an acceleration boutique in seed and early-stage phases that was born in 2010 within the University of Berkeley. They offer strategic consulting services and, through their 360 acceleration service, they are involved in five main areas: training, strategy, identity, team, and financing. They bet on unique projects, with a bright, inspiring, and authentic vision. They currently invest in startups in seed and early-stage phases aligned with the latest technological trends. Madrid
  • StartUPV – StartUPV is the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Polytechnic University, which includes a set of services and workspaces located on its campuses. It has an incubation and acceleration program whose mission is to accompany entrepreneurs from the initial phase of the business idea to the consolidation of their company. During the program, they are offered to entrepreneurs for one year, with the possibility of extending four more years, offices and incubation spaces, specific training, mentoring and advice on financing, team building, presence in specific awards, meeting days with investors, and UPV’s TechTransfer fund. Madrid
  • Tetuan Valley – Tetuan Valley is a startup accelerator based in Campus Madrid, which helps the internet, software, apps, or marketplaces startups launch their prototypes during the acceleration process. Through six sessions, they receive talks from mentors and entrepreneurs. Upon completion, startups graduate and become part of the Tetuan Valley community. Tetuan Valley is a non-for-profit pre-accelerator program that promotes local entrepreneurship and regional development. Madrid, Spain
  • TheCircularLab – TheCircularLab is an open innovation center specialized in a circular economy, which focuses its activity on the study, testing, and development of best practices in the field of packaging and subsequent recycling. This initiative is open to different entrepreneurship projects that are framed within the scope of the circular economy and thus respond to the challenges of society such as ecodesign, Smart waste, or citizen science. Madrid
  • The Founder Institute – The Founder Institute is a global network of startups and mentors that help entrepreneurs launch meaningful and enduring technology companies. Based in Silicon Valley and with headquarters in 65 countries, the Founder Institute has helped launch more than 3,500 companies in more than 180 cities and six continents. Its mission is to “Globalize Silicon Valley” and build sustainable ecosystems of significant companies to create a million new jobs worldwide. Its four-month training program includes expert training, feedback, and support from experienced CEOs. Madrid
  • The Hop Estrella Galicia – TheHop is a collaborative entrepreneurship program in which different entrepreneurs work cooperating and being part of the Estrella Galicia ecosystem. The six winning startups in the selection process share a work environment, with the training, mentoring, and support of Estrella Galicia and entrepreneurship experts. The program has a duration of 5 months, 3 of which are dedicated entirely to the acceleration program in Madrid, in The Hop Space. Also, startups have the possibility of developing a pilot project valued at up to 20,000 euros with Estrella Galicia. Madrid
  • The Venture City – TheVentureCity is an accelerator and incubator that works hand in hand with new companies, establishing a comprehensive set of objectives that can be tracked, measured, analyzed, and iterated correctly. They only work with a maximum of 25 companies per year, and each program, which lasts six months, is designed to suit the entrepreneur. That is why all startups must be aligned with the values ​​promoted by the accelerator, which are the international look, believe in the power of data, and return everything learned to the community. The program includes a € 100K ticket in cash financing. Madrid
  • Tquity – T-quity is an incubator that seeks to accelerate startups led by senior profiles, who are entirely dedicated to the project and with B2B and B2C models. The team has more than ten years of experience investing in projects and startups, which allows them to share marketing, technology, and business knowledge for companies that want to qualify for investment rounds. Entrepreneurs benefit from mentoring when validating a business hypothesis and, once done, support to raise an investment round and grow the business. Madrid
  • Trenlab – TrenLab is Renfe’s startup acceleration program in collaboration with Wayra, where they work hand in hand with the projects and business units of both companies to accelerate the best startups in the mobility, transport and logistics sector. The initiative selects innovative business projects with definite possibilities of growth and scalability, with products or services that provide new approaches, new business models, and differentiating value in the market. It lasts from 6 to 9 months. Madrid
  • UFV Accelerator – Invest In Innovation is the innovation and corporate acceleration program of the UFV Investor Network that starts nationwide in collaboration with large companies in sectors such as edtech, proptech, fintech, and legaltech. The program is aimed at companies that want to get deeply involved in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and lead innovation processes within them. Selected projects may have a physical space, exclusive training, consulting and advice, as well as the ability to access the network of contacts of the UFV Investor Network. Madrid
  • Untld Spain – UnLtd Spain disseminates, promotes, and promotes social impact entrepreneurship by providing training, advice, and financing to projects focused on efficient, innovative, and impact solutions that respond to social and environmental challenges, but always viable from a business point of view. UNLTD annually launches two acceleration programs: Grow and Emprende inHealth, which aim to support innovative projects that improve cities and the agri-food sector (in the Grow Program) and health and well-being (Emprende inHealth). Among its accelerated portfolio is the startup Sorbos, Adopts a grandfather, Mensos, Fiixit, and Medicsen, among others. Madrid
  • Venture Lab IE Business School – Venture Lab is the incubator where IE students and alumni can increase the pace of development of their business ideas. It offers intensive sessions taught by the best IE professors, industry experts, entrepreneurs, and investors of new companies. The initiative, which EI students must have, offers them personalized mentoring to achieve pre-established milestones. They also work in Area 31, a dynamic innovation space. Venture Lab has exclusive events such as Venture Days Madrid, IE’s ‘Demo Day,’ and integrates informal pitching events every Thursday. Madrid
  • Wayra – En España, Wayra tiene presencia en los dos hubs de innovación más relevantes del país: Barcelona y Madrid. ¿quieres conocer nuestros espacios? Wayra is Telefónica’s startup accelerator, but the open innovation program Telefónica Open Future is gaining weight within telco. From the accelerator, they help startups grow and form successful companies, which receive funding, acceleration services, workspace, access to Telefónica and visibility.

Startup Accelerators Madrid

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