Startup and Small Business Recovery Resources
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Startup and Small Business Recovery Resources

Our goal is to identify resources to rebuild – be it links to emergency loans, grants, or other support for entrepreneurs dealing with the consequences of the coronavirus crisis.


Got some free time? Turn off the news, and consider volunteering.

  • MicroMentorMicroMentor enables the world’s largest community of purpose-driven entrepreneurs and business mentors to help underserved communities around the globe.
  • United Nations VolunteersThe United Nations Volunteers (UNV) program contributes to peace and development by providing volunteers to assist (online) with a variety of topics like research, writing/editing, art, leadership strategy, technology development, and more.
  • Translators Without BordersTranslators without Borders (TWB) is a non-profit organization offering language and translation support for humanitarian and development agencies, and other non-profit organizations on a global scale.

European Innovation Calendar | European Accelerator Deadlines | European Digital Health Conferences

Feel free to email updates, corrections, or additional resources.

Startup and Small Business Recovery Resources

WHO for businesses and employers

CDC for companies and employers


  • Advice on hiring slows, dealing with disruption, adapting to the remote world, candidates in limbo, layoffs on their way, and salary cuts. For some companies, this is the time to build all those product features; there was never time for before. @Sifted
  • Facebook is announcing a $100 million grant program for #smallbusinesses impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. 
  • Small Business Relief Tracker: Funding, Grants, and Resources For Business Owners Grappling With Coronavirus


  • EU Government initiatives to support startups affected by coronavirus @Sifted
  • European countries are writing blank checks to save their economies from coronavirus
  • The European Commission and European Investment Fund (EIF) announced that they are launching something called ESCALAR, or European Scale-Up Action for Risk Capital, providing €300m for startup and scaleup tech companies.



  • Short-time work allowance
  • Live Government Updates
  • Berlin – Corona Zuschuss Soforthilfe II – Zuschussprogramm für Kleinstunternehmen, Soloselbständige und Freiberufler. Die besonders hart von der Corona-Krise betroffenen Kleinstunternehmen mit maximal 10 Beschäftigten sowie Freiberufler und Soloselbständige können schnell und mit geringem bürokratischen Aufwand Zuschüsse zur Sicherung ihrer beruflichen bzw. betrieblichen Existenz beantragen.





Startup and Small Business Recovery Resources

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