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Venture Profiles – Antonino Saccà, Milan

Next week we will be in Berlin for Tech Invest Europe. To get ready, we had a chance to sit down with Antonino Saccà, CEO of Milan’s Hephaestus Venture.

Hephaestus Ventures is a private equity fund supporting the growth of Corporate Venture Capital through the creation of an accelerator in Milan called HV Labs to support the creation of new products and services and the expansion abroad of Italian Companies towards Brazil, United States,China, South Africa, Russia and India, United Kingdom and Germany. We support Senior Managers in their process of Digital Transformation to create Spin-Off of the projects of Open Innovation of the Corporates from which they come from in these verticals: FinTech, Energy, Smart Mobility, Digital Health.

Venture Profiles - Antonino Saccà, MilanWhat did you work on in 2018?

I did scouting of startups and Investors.

What emerging technologies do you find exciting?

The ones which have clients that can generate revenues for a startup.

How did you get involved in Venture Capital?

I worked for many years for AdTech startups Venture-backed since 2010.

Why should an investor attend Tech Invest?

To do Networking and scouting of startups.

What is the best way for a start-up to meet a VC?

Pick up the phone and call the VC to ask for a meeting (on Google search they can find all Investors they want). Otherwise, events are still the best option to do networking.

What advice would you offer start-ups?

None since they must pay me to ask for real advice or support.

If you could change one thing in pitching, what would it be?

The guy who is pitching, we don’t look at slides, we listen to what he wants.

What do you think is the most over-hyped technology?

The ones which DO NOT generate revenues. Not existing clients yet.

How important is an EU wide investment community?

Very important, if we stay united we all win.

What are you focused on in 2019?

Foreign Direct Investments in Startups like my next speech in Milan next 12th March at Tech Invest Europe:

Venture Profiles – Antonino Saccà, Milan