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Many small businesses owners struggle because they aren’t comfortable analyzing and tracking their financials – there’s just not enough time in the day and there are too many other things to worry about.   Anyone interested in building a stronger business needs to understand and use the information captured in financial statements.

Our job is to demystify the numbers. That’s where Financial Literacy comes in – we offer a practical, common-sense approach to reading financial statements and to managing the three bottom lines of business financial performance: net profit, operating cash flow, and return on assets – and how they relate to one another.

The simple truth is that you need all these three to see the big picture. Finance is the language of business, and everyone, especially entrepreneurs, should know the basics.

Like a personal trainer at the gym, we help you get it right.  Our team has extensive financial and business expertise that can save you time and money as you manage your business and will help you achieve your success more efficiently and effectively.  We connect the dots on various key financial concepts, making them ACCESSIBLE and USEFUL.

Financial Literacy

  • Break Even Analysis
    • How many do I need to sell to cover overhead?
    • When do I start to turn a profit?
    • Are these numbers doable (feasibility)
  • Equity and Outside Investors
    • What is a pre-money value?
    • How much ownership do I give up?
    • What is an exit event?

We make sure that you understand the finances in your business – both in the financial reports and in how your business supports (or doesn’t) your goals and aspirations. We make sure that your numbers have real context and that you “get it” so you can succeed in your business.

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